About Us - Coving Fitter

Hi, and I welcome you to my website. I am Russell Johnson and I started designing and building websites approximately 11 years ago. In reality I am really a woodworker by trade, so the switch to making websites was pretty challenging, however I fell into it easily and nowadays it simply seems to be "what I do". Truth be told I've found it a thrilling challenge, developing concepts and putting them into practise, occasionally hoping to generate some revenue from it and sometimes just doing it for amusement. This website is a little of both.

I assume that I am not the only one to have gotten irked whenever viewing websites by getting constant pop-ups presenting crap I do not want and newsletters I won't look at, continual adverts and promotions stuffed down my throat which bears no resemblance to what I am trying to find, and additionally being forced to sign in or sign up to do pretty much anything on most sites. I imagine that you feel the same as me as soon as the resultant spam emails start showing up and you have no choice but to invest your time every day transferring this junk to the trash?

This website is not dynamic and so the content is not going to shift around or take ages to load. You won't be needing to login or sign up and you will never ever be getting any crappy emails or newsletters. You'll possibly find a small amount of advertising and promotion here, but it is not shoved down your gullet. And you will not get pop-ups you simply can't remove.

It's invariably been my intent to make simple, easy to use websites which are hassle free and fast to load. Hopefully I've achieved this with this website and you have got some benefit from checking it out, or perhaps at the very least not been frustrated by it.

I am not a coving fitter myself therefore please do not contact me with questions connected with coving or to get estimates for coving work, the site was designed to tell you about some of the variety of ways by which you may locate a reputable coving fitter yourself.

I cannot recommend or endorse any specific service, I've simply provided a few methods for picking one, the decision is in the end yours.

I hope to to see you here again sometime soon and cheers again for visiting.